Meet Kellie

I accumulated small but consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started.

James Clear, atomic habits

Hi I’m Kellie! I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with a double certification from Precision Nutrition and the Nutrition Coaching Institute. I have been empowering people for more than 7 years to transform their lives through fitness and food in a sustainable way.  

I coach Macros! Why? Because, I fell in love with macro counting. It took away the anxiety and guilt around eating the “wrong” food, too much food or even too little food. It helped me break the cycle of eating “really good” all day and then binging on candy and cookies at night. It helped me see results.

There is no better feeling than seeing my clients become the best version of themselves, empowered in their mental and physical health as well as in their physique. 

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