Century Club here I am!!  I rode my 100th ride a few weeks ago and just received my shirt. I have wanted a Peloton probably since 2014, when I took my first in-studio class in Manhattan. The class was unlike other spin classes I had taken, the instructors were fun, the music was great, and the metrics allowed you to take the ride to a different level.

While most classes, especially at the time, did not have monitors of any kind you were left to guess where a level 5 or level 8 was on the bike. With Peloton, if the instructor said resistance at a 45, you knew for sure if you were at 45. Yes you can adjust up/down based on how you are feeling that day, but it is helpful to know that a resistance of 45 feels hard today and easier in a week for example to see progress or simply to see how your body is coping that day.

Fast forward to the start of the coronavirus, and I decided the time was now to get my own bike. With no clear sight of when we will all be back in gyms, I wanted the ability to workout from home. 

Price Tag

Why did I wait so long? The main reason is the price tag. It is not a $200 bike. While, they offer no interest financing, the bike costs $2,145 with the accessories including shoes, heart rate monitor and mat. In addition to the bike cost there is a $40 monthly membership to have access to all the rides. 

Their platform has expanding tremendously in recent years though with the addition of running workouts, yoga, strength training, stretching and meditation classes. The membership also allows up to 4 profiles per bike. My mom got a bike back in 2015 after hearing my reviews and I had a profile under her bike. So, while I was not riding on a Peloton, I could access the rides to use on any bike at the gym or to the strength classes for example.  Having access to the app was key for me being confident I would be happy with the purchase.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the bike. It is hands-down, is probably the best indoor spin bikes. Its pedal stroke is smooth, the bike is stable with no rocking, there is no noise, and the technology is probably most advanced. 

Class Offering

The classes are awesome; and probably the number one reason to get this bike over another. They keep you entertained and turn what could be a monotonous 30 minutes into something of enjoyment. How could you not smile, when Cody Rigsby is bringing out all his Brittany Spears backup dancer moves. The rides are just fun. 


I really love the convenience factor as well. There are live classes at all times of day (fewer now during the pandemic, but not typical) and previous rides can be accessed at any time. Personally, I am not attached to live rides. I love having access to any ride my heart is feeling that day, at whatever time I am ready to ride.

It is nice to not rush through the day, work, or traffic in order to make it to a class on time. I am on time, when I show up and that is a luxury I appreciate. 

Five stars goes out to Peloton. The team stands for and exhibits diversity and inclusivity and especially during these trying times, I could not be prouder to be a supporter. 

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