How can you be successful in your goals through the holidays with countless parties, food around every corner, and what seems like less and less time to get everything in?  Personal behavioral goals start to slip as this time of year is socially and emotionally demanding. This time of year is often centered around being with family and celebrating though, while in fact many feel alone in their personal struggles, and it can feel very isolating.

The holidays heightened this in many ways, but his time of year also sounds like many weekends and other periods of time as there are birthdays, weddings, work parties and a continuous stream of life celebrations and even struggles that fill our calendars, hearts, and minds. Being able to identify these areas of risk are key to make sure during these times you are devoting enough time to sleep, nutrition and exercise – behaviors that lower stress and progress you to your goals.

5 Rules to be successful no matter what time of year

Here are 5 Rules to Be Successful no Matter what Time Of Year so you can stick to your goals during the holidays:


If you do not start, that is literally the only way you can fail. As soon as you do something you are on your way to be successful. On your way to learn the lessons, build the results and ultimately find success. Thinking about the roadblocks you may run into or why it will be hard are not factors preventing you from achieving success and are not even on the table if you do not START.


Which is the second point. You must believe your success is inevitable. WHY are you after this goal? Understanding why you want this, and what is driving this is what is going to keep driving you forward. But it is also going to help tease out what your underlying beliefs are that are holding you back and when you can start to shift those, then your actions will shift to propel you to your goal

Stick to One Program

Sale after sale, IG ads, friends and family all doing something different, telling you different things are distractions. Jumping from program to program, diet to diet, doesn’t allow for progress to happen, for consistency to be built and data to be analyzed from the results that you are getting. When something is “not working”, you are in fact getting results, they may just not be the results that you want. In sticking with the same program, and looking at these results, you can adjust within the program to yield different results.  

If you jump ship to another program, you have to wait for another set of data and results from that program to decide how to proceed forward. This is where people get stuck feeling like they are spinning their wheels, trying one thing after the next with no results. They have in fact gotten results, from that point adjustments to the program or methods being used would then begin to yield results they were looking for.

Identify Sustainability

Sacrificing sustainability for immediate results or what sounds like optimal, is one of the biggest mistakes. This is actually much easier to pinpoint during the Holidays. Does the program you’re choosing allow you to live the life you want, this month, 6 months, and 12 months from now? Because while it sounds tempting for immediate results, if you cannot sustain them, did you find the answer?

I urge you to lean back on rule number 3, to stick to one program. Now ask yourself again is it sustainable?

Abort Perfection

Reflect, adjust, and keep going.

While last here on the list, this is one of the most important. Because while building habits, going in with a plan and being prepared are key to success, unplanned things always happen. Being ok with not being perfect, being able to adjust and keep moving forward is crucial to succeeding.

Example: If you went to a holiday party and ended up having more cookies than you pre-logged for and planned on having.

Perfectionist mindset – either doesn’t log the cookies because doesn’t admit to herself that she ate them. Which skews the data, because looks like hitting macros, and then stuck asking herself or coach why is this not working? Well because your body knows you ate them whether you logged or not. Or secondly says since she already messed up going to go off the rails and eat whatever she wants the rest of the day and start over tomorrow.

Non-Perfectionist – Ate a few extra cookies. Logged them and made adjustments to macros where she could for the day, but didn’t sweat it. Pre-logged for the day tomorrow so knew that tomorrow would be a better day.

Thinking the day is a wash from one slip, this all or nothing mindset is a belief. Teasing out these beliefs that are holding you back and shifting them is key to shifting your actions. When you start to believe you can keep going after going over your macros or missing a workout, or changing an exercise in the program to fit your capabilities, your actions will shift and with that so will results.

Many times, it is reflecting on these moments, these “slips”, that there is a lesson to be learned. And when you take the time to do this, ask yourself the good, tough questions, that is when you can move forward and be successful in reaching your goals

Questions to Ask Yourself

Have you just gone to Holiday Party, reflect and ask yourself some of these questions?

  • What/why was the event successful?
  • What/why was the event unsuccessful?
  • Reflecting on the Holiday Party, what feelings where you having during the event itself?
  • Do you believe what made it unsuccessful and successful could coexist?
  • How could this work?

Fitness goals do not have to be cumbersome during the holidays. Simply START. Maybe that means keeping track of what you are eating right now, so you have real data to set your macros at come the New Year once you have the hang of tracking your food. Read my post What are Macros and How to Hit Your Macros for steps on getting started. 

Have a goal of eating a home cooked breakfast everyday through the month? Check out my Sweet Potato EggBake and Cinnamon French Toast Bake both which are perfect meal prep recipes and crowd pleasers. 

And always, reach out Contact!


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