I have to admit before leaving NYC I was a gym snob. Critique is probably the more correct word to use, because it didn’t have to be the fanciest gym, I just wanted to experience ALL of them. I had multiple gym memberships so I could go to a gym no matter where I was in the city, have a different sort of atmosphere, or have a new machine to use. Man, I guess I sort of miss it.

I had a few home gym pieces, but didn’t use them often as I loved going to the gym and my apartments were often not conducive to lots of activity.

BUT, living in the suburbs, having a home gym now is totally awesome. It is a major time saver. No commute. No machine hogs. I LOVE it. And it couldn’t have come at a better time than when we were all forced to work out from home.


There are so many options out there for equipment when talking home gyms. And a lot of the decisions come down to 2 things: space and money. How much space do you have for equipment and how much money do you want to allocate to it. 

If you are just getting started putting together your gym, there are always a few things I recommend. These top 3 pics will get you through my programs and my other favorites will just add to your workout, taking things up a notch!

Resistance Bands

Bands are great, easy on the joints, vast number of exercises that can be performed. This SET comes with a *door attachment which is key for push and pull movements and ankle straps. They are super easy to travel with these as well, which makes staying on track while traveling a breeze!

Hip Circle

I love this BAND for glute development. Resistance is heavy. It adds a new level to lower body days. And is also great for travel. Ladies I would recommend the Medium. 


Dumbbells are more of an investment piece. This is a personal choice on which route you go here. The Adjustable dumbbells are a great deal for the amount of weight compared to individual dumbbells. The compact size is great as well depending on your space. Remember you are progressing and getting STRONGER so what seems like A LOT of weight now, may not in a few months. 

If you have individual weights already. It is awesome!! You can always add additional weights to your collection along your journey.


I have this adjustable bench with leg curl. And I always recommend it. Having the adjustable bench is so nice and gives you options, which is always great when working out from home! You may not have weight plates for the leg curl, but you may later. Its okay to grow your gym in stages. You can always store that part until you decide to use it.

Pull Up Bar

Get the most out of your back day with a pullup bar! Work on pullups, pushups, and dips.


If you have a block, or steady stool great! But if you are looking for something a little sturdier and safer check out this adjustable stepper. Starting off at just 4” this is great for deficit lunges, and going up to 8” for more elevated step up work.

A combo bench / stepper is also a great option! Check this one out. 

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