Finding Flexibility

Have you been so strict on a diet, eating only “clean foods”, training every day only to burn yourself out that you end up eating whatever you want and not working out at all?

What we have deemed diet appropriate and drawn this black and white line at is often what is holding us back from success.

The truth is we need some restriction but need some flexibility. We need to be able to live in the middle. We need to change our mindset around food, balance, and discipline.

The 80/20 rule is a good mentality to have, both in regards to diet AND training. 80% of our nutrition should come from whole foods but allowing 20% for foods that simply brings us joy is important for adherence and success.

Silly Vs Smart

Having an ice cream cone or piece of cake will not derail your success and it’s important we do not dissociate these kinds of foods we love to see success.  This is what I coach through macro counting. Everything depends on the individual, their situation, and goals.

Imagine living in the middle and following the plan with success for years verses being strict for 30 days and then reverting to your old habits, how much further you will have come.

Are you passing up going to a workout class with girlfriends because it doesn’t “fit into your training plan”? Or maybe weeks have now gone by because a whole hour wasn’t available for your workout, there was only 30 min. Break free of these strict rules.

We are on a journey with our bodies, for the long haul. We must treat them right which includes not living in the black or white, the all or nothing mindset.

The answer is in the middle.

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